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NOUN / Philippine English. A group of friends.


We're a creative studio that specializes in branding and copy editing. We believe that transparency and respect are what it takes to treat clients as friends.


We are barkada and we look forward to meeting you!


We are.

Allyson Aritcheta is a content creator, editor, and journalist who has worked with scripts, multimedia projects, and academic works. Her skills range from copy editing and concept building to research and Adobe InDesign. Situated in Toronto, Canada, she has a graduate certificate in publishing from Centennial College, and a Bachelor of Arts from Ryerson University, where she studied psychology and English. She has been published in This Magazine, From the Root, and On the Danforth, and is the former social media manager of KROS Magazine.


Kathleen Landayto is a graphic design student from George Brown College. Formerly a graphic designer for Shakespeare in Action, she has a certificate in Art & Design Foundations. She has an interest in minimalist, modern artwork, and is currently looking for opportunities to expand her portfolio. Her work can be found on Behance.





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